A Year of Yoga

A Year of Yoga: Yoga East

Hello my fellow Yogis!

I recently purchased a membership to Yoga East, a local yoga studio, my first official yoga studio membership. My first class was Yin Yoga which I absolutely loved. It was an hour of slow stretches. There were about 6 of us in there, lights down, and then the yoga teacher walks around placing sand bags on different body parts, helping to ensure a good stretch. She also offered a cool, lavender scented rag for my eyes, modeling gorgeous breathing techniques, and ended the session with an anointing of oil.

It was heaven…

My second class was Bikram {Hot} Yoga. Wow…. This class was 1 hr. 15 min. of pure, sweet hell. There were heat lamps on the ceiling producing a nice, dry heat. There were yoga towels stretched out across mats, small hand towels for sweat, and water bottles littering the floor, close enough to each one of us to inhale during a quick break. This class took me to places that I only imagined going. At one point, in downward facing dog, sweat dripping from my nose, I wondered if I’d ever come back to this class. It’s in that moment where you question your sanity and before you can actually come to a judgement, you’ve moved into another pose, requiring all mental energy to simply remain upright. Let’s just say four days later and my body is still a bit sore.

Good times…



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