Would You Do Jail Time To Send Your Kids To A High Quality School?

A woman from Ohio said, “yes!”
 Kelley Williams-Bolar, a 40 year old single woman, living with her two girls in public housing, was convicted of tampering with records when she decided to lie about her residency and send her two kids, 12 and 16, to a high quality school.
The school asked her to repay $30,000, stating that her daughters had gotten a quality education that her taxes hadn’t contributed to, and it’s true, the county you live in, pays for your schools. Because Kelley refused to pay, she spent 10 days in jail. 
Now, I get it that she falsified papers, it is a crime, I don’t deny that, but come on, how sad is it that parents go to jail to send their kids to good schools? How sad is it that we actually have BAD schools? That’s the true crime that I see here, bad education. I don’t know the answer to solving it all. I could scream more government and every teacher in his/her right mind would slap me, but overall, something has to change. And, after watching the State of The Union Address last night, I’m excited to see we have a President that feels good education is just as important as Kelley and I do.
What about You? What would You have done in this situation??
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6 thoughts on “Would You Do Jail Time To Send Your Kids To A High Quality School?

  1. teacher unions are not a good thing ~ I don’t care how long you have been teaching, if you suck (pardon the word) then you should be able to be fired. I truly believe a big part of the problem is we have a truckload of teachers teaching that this isn’t their passion. And when it isn’t your passion it shows and the children suffer. Karen

  2. It’s a horrible situation that we have bad schools and that this woman was forced to lie so her children could go to a good school. I understand the falsifying papers was wrong & they couldn’t just let it go or people would be doing that everywhere. I think this should being attention to the fact that things need to change in our education sytem. I am a teacher turned SAHM and I know there are teachers out there who shouldn’t be in the classroom! Things need to change and people need to be accountable – then we wouldn’t have so many bad schools! It’s a shame!

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