6 thoughts on “What My Daughter Does While I Create a Vlog

  1. Thanks for joining! Fun to hear your voice 🙂
    The only word I noticed you say different from me in Kansas is Crayon. You said “Cray-In” and I say “Cray-On”

    You call it rolling? We only call it T.Ping. I have never actually done it, but have heard of others doing it.

    I call it coke too, even though I only drink Pepsi.

    Grandaddy longlegs. I call it only Daddy. But I have heard other bloggers call it grandaddy. Your spiders are just older than ours in kansas LOL

    Buggy? Quite a few people have called it buggy, but around here it is a cart. Interesting.

    She is ADORABLE!! I love her piggy tails. SO cute.

    and are those snowflakes on your table cloth? Fun. We are still expecting snow around here so that fits in perfect here in kansas. But I want spring so badly!

    Mine is up at MamaDweeb.com 🙂

  2. I’ve listened to a couple of these and I had to find somebody from the south who said buggy instead of cart:) I call it rolling a house too, but I haven’t found any other ones who said that. And pajamas….everybody else seems to say JAM in the middle of the word!

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