What I want…

I want a boob lift. I want my boobs to sit where they’re suppose to, not on my knees. 🙂
I want the extra “baby” skin to be removed from my belly. It started almost 16 years ago with my first and now after three, whew, my body has definitly gone through the ringer.

3 thoughts on “What I want…

  1. It’s sad to say but I hate my boobs. i have been nursing for about 4 years now, with very small breaks in between kids. Blah! Thats how I feel about my body!

  2. I got a boob job (implants) 4 years ago, now they are BIG and saggy. A lovely combo and I still have at least 8 more months of nursing I want to do and this is just baby #1. Oh youth…it really is wasted on the young, isn’t it?

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