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What A Day!

I had so many firsts occur yesterday, that well, I need a little breather to catch up on them all. 🙂
I am a paranoid momma and have a hard time allowing other’s take care for my kids. So, yesterday, when it was time for my MIL (mother-in-law) to pick Maddie up from school and drive her home so I could make class, well, it was stressful.
I had a collaborative meeting yesterday that I couldn’t miss, and it lead straight into time for class, so I broken down, and asked for help since, Monday’s are also Sean’s late days. And, I prayed and prayed and prayed, and then while sitting in class got the test that they’d made it home and all was well.
Well, that is, Maddie was well. 🙂 I spoke with Sean on my break to find out we had a pipe bust in our back room. Yeah. As I went back into class a little frazzled from the thought, God gave me peace in this sense that this was Sean’s responsibility, not mine. And, later that night, Sean and I talked about it, and yep, he’d been given some heads up on the fact that maybe, just maybe, he should have turned on a facet before leaving.
So, I’m letting it go, and Sean’s gonna fix it.
I thought a great deal yesterday about faith and how you acquire it. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety on a pretty regular basis. We watched a show last night that mentioned that faith is a choice we all make. I need to decide where my faith is going to lie.
Oh, it seems I’ll be cutting this short..Maddie is awake. Gotta go!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “What A Day!

  1. I have had anxiety issues for years and it is the worse! What is helped me is that I constantly remind myself that this the “anxiety monster” taking over my mind at the moment and that I need to think like a normal person. It actually has helped in some ways, not all, but in some!

  2. I’ve really been inspired by your blog. I haven’t started my own yet, just been browsing around some mom sites and ran across yours. I’m a mom of 2 and have recently found out I’m pregnant with a surprise #3. My other 2 are a little older so I’ve been quite frazzled. It’s encouraging to read about other moms who are able to juggle a career and 3 kids. Does your 16 y.o. help out a lot? You must feel crazy sometimes trying to taxi 3 kids around, plus a job, plus school. You’ll have to let me know your secret!! Kym from Louisville

  3. Miss Candy,
    I must say, I agree with you and use this “technique” as well. I just tell myself that I’m being irrational and that way I “feel” isn’t actually real. Which is crazy. 🙂

    Kym, congrats on the baby! This life is actually very doable as long as you dont mind a messy house half the time, upset kids the other half of the time, and constantly feelings as if you never really rest. 🙂

    I love my life, actually. And youre gonna do great! My 16 doesnt help out much. He and my 7 year old will play with my baby but other than that, she’s just mine and daddy’s. 🙂

    Oh, and I still haven’t gotten the kids into a good cleaning/chores schedule. They always complain!! 🙂

  4. Following your blog from MBC follow me club. Hop eyou can visit my site too!

    PS-I have anxiety too. My daughter is going to her first sleep over party this weekend and I am dreading it!

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