I just need one more moment on the shots topics.
My baby is 6 months old and within the last 4 months she has been exposed to several different diseases:
Hepatitis B
Hemophilius Influenzae Type b (Hib)
Pneumococcal Conjugate (protecting against 7 out of 91 strains of pneumococcal bacteria)
Now, I opt out of the Rotavirus vaccine, but overall Maddie’s body thinks it has already, at the age of 6 months, faught off 7 different deadly diseases. Wow, it seems the purpose of life is simply to fight to live.
I know we’re lucky that now most of our population doesnt and wont suffer from these diseases, but it still feels unnatural to me, and youre right, no, I’d rather Maddie, Jeremy, and Austin never encountered these diseases in their natural form, this just seems to be one of those hard Mommey Moments for me.

8 thoughts on “Un-Natural

  1. It’s not natural and really, how necessary is it for her to have exposure to all of this already? I know you have done some research, but I am just hoping that you will continue to research, read more and ponder it. You can never undo a vaccination. You can, however, delay, or opt out. Did you know that the last case of polio in the US was before 1985? So, why do we continue to routinely introduce that to our tiny babies bodies? It’s not like they have to be protected against it RIGHT AWAY. It could easily wait until the kids are 12 and have bodies better able to deal with vaccines and all the toxins in them. Just something else to think about.

  2. I guess I would have found it extremely hard to forgive myself if one of my boys got one of these diseases and got extremely ill or died because I chose not to vaccinate them. I am not as well informed as you on the topic. My thought on the polio is there probably hasn’t been a case because most people are getting vaccinated.

  3. It wasnt actually until the 1990’s that we stopped giving the live virus for polio. From what I’ve read, the only cases that were existing were from the live virus that was being given.

    It’s just a really tough topic.

  4. It does stink, doesn’t it? I do feel like I need to give you a hug though Toni…I hadn’t read the previous post on your beating yourself up on the whole dr appt thing. Then I blast you with the polio stuff. Sorry if I hit you while you were already down. I know you read lots and do your research. But we have a TON in common, when we get passionate about something we believe in, it’s hard to understand why everyone else doesn’t see it as clearly as we do. 🙂 Something i am still working on for me… anyway, have a great week! It’s Monday, we have 2″ of snow and more falling right now. Gotta love Minnesota!

  5. Mellissa,
    I’m really ok with the whole dr. appointment thing. I had to give it to the Lord and He took care of it all. I only saw three shot marks which is what we agreed on so I’m really confused as to whether she actually received the Polio or not. I’ve gotta call them today and get a shot record so we shall see. Again, your comment in no way caused any harm. 🙂

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