Troops Pulling Out: Your Thoughts

Last night, as I watched the President speak about our future, I wondered how others felt about the troop pull out from Afghanistan. My first response was, “what, you bring them home now, to what? There are no jobs here!” To which I was quickly reminded of the actual cost it takes our government to keep them there as well as the fact that simply because troops are back on American soil doesn’t mean they instantly become civilians, but rather will serve out there time {wow, that sounded sort of prison like} doing other jobs. 

It’s not that I don’t want all our soldiers back in our own homeland, I simply didn’t want them dropped into an economy that would offer them nothing. I’m happy the troops are coming back. I hope they are happy as well. I hope they feel their jobs are complete and that within the next two years Afghanistan will be hardy enough to stand on it’s own.

What about You? Do You feel with the death of Bin Laden we’ve reach a safe point where we no longer need to police the other side of the world? 

Again, I’m thrilled to know those who have put their lives in danger for our safety and the freedom of others, will be able to return home. I just simply hope the last 10 years have been enough to make a true difference.

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