Trials of A Working Mom

I feel like a horible mother today.
My baby is going back to the doctor to see if her blood count is down and I won’t be there with her. I’ve taken all my allowed 8 unplanned absences for the year with work. I won’t have another until October.
I feel as if I’m choosing my job over my baby, and yet, her dad will be with her and I’m pretty sure she’ll be just fine. And I know in my heart, if anything does happen, I’ll never think twice about which to choose.
I held her close all night and prayed her body has healed. She’s now waking up, tearfully, so I’m gonna go, and be a momma. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Trials of A Working Mom

  1. I feel that way when I leave my child sick with her daddy…I want to me the one taking care of her! My husband’s awesome and I’m so grateful for him…but I’m her mommy 🙁 Sometimes I just can’t get off work.

    Good luck!

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