Cross Country Road Trip: Entertainment With CozyPhones

My kids and I have always enjoyed traveling. We typically travel a couple times a year to visit family, however, this family trip we’re going BIG and not going home! After an hour of the game, “I Spy,” Momma needed a break and the kids needed to watch a movie. Our portable DVD player has been a… Read More »

Family Vacations: Keeping Momma Sane

Before heading out on our big adventure (Cross Country Road Trip), Momma needs a few items to keep her sanity.   Colds and Flu Ain’t Got Nothin’ On You Black Elderberry is amazing when it comes to fighting viruses, and every mother out there has experienced a sick kid on a trip, so you know… Read More »

Road Trip Purchases For The Kids: What my kids need to keep them happy along the way.

  As I’ve mentioned, we’re heading out on a Cross Country Road Trip, and so as I cruised along Pinterest I took note of different opinions when it comes to traveling with kids. Some families hopped on planes, some rented RV’s, and some, like my family, opted to hop in the family car and head… Read More »

Cross Country Family Road Trip: Planning

So, we’re taking a trip. It’s kind-of across the country. With two kids, ages: 4 and 7. We have one month to plan the trip. Why? Because this is a family of ADHD people and we tend to take on adventures spur of the moment. And, I suffer from Executive Functional Disorder, simply put, I… Read More »

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