Too Much Information (TMI): Being A Woman

Jan. 13, 2010, I received my second coper IUD. It was a bit different, more painful this time and yet I just blew it off to not actually being on my period when it was inserted. “It’s ok,” I told myself, “I’ve been through natural child birth, I can handle anything….” Seriously????

5.5 months later I am still suffering from issues due to this decision. I went in three weeks ago to talk to my doctor about irregular periods, i.e., 5 months of bleeding for a week, off for a week, bleeding for another week, and on and on. I started estrogen. Estrogen is not my friend. I figured out that I needed to take it at night so that I didn’t have to suffer the side effects.

3 weeks later I’m back at the doctors (today) with bleeding for 7 days, off for 3, and back on again for 7, and on and on.

My new regiment is birth control pills, progestrone w/ estrogen, every 6 hours til bleeding stops and then twice a day, every day til I go back. I am also on an antibiotic since there’s a reasonable chanced this has all been caused by an infection from the IUD insertion. Antibiotics 4 times a day…I didn’t even check to see how long I was to take them. This also includes the 2 daily prenatal vitamins and iron I’ve already been taking due to a slow death by blood loss.

I have seriously never taken so many pills together in my life. I warned my husband about the hormonal winch that would probably be created by this wonderful concotion.

And, seriously, this is why I run. I run to erase all stress and worries. I run to be healed, physically and mentally. I run because if I didn’t life would suffocate me… And, speaking of running, I got a great 3.5 mile run in yesterday, with my next race coming up in less than a week. 🙂

Happy times, Ladies! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Too Much Information (TMI): Being A Woman

  1. Oh honey! Ick!!!! I had my copper iud inserted 14 months ago with none of those effects. That just stinks. I do however (WARNING: TMI alert!) have periods of 7 days long that are HEAVY! That is new, but I don’t know if that’s a change in my body since having a baby or a change in my body because of the IUD. I hope you are ok, that you don’t have an infection and that you can get some serious resolution quickly.

  2. Girl, I can so relate to your frustration right now. I have never had a regular cycle, but not since my teen years has my period been this late…I’m currently 43 days late for my period. And decidedly NOT pregnant. The thing stopping me from going to my gyn about the whole thing is knowing they’ll want to place me on some form of hormonal birth control, which turns me inside out emotionally. Even the low doses. I had considered a copper IUD at one point, but after reading up on potential side effects and risks, I was leery. I’m thinking you just solidified that decision. Wow. Prayers that you feel better soon!

  3. Mellissa, it’s def. the IUD that is making the longer, heavier periods. 🙁

    MamaDrama, this is rare for me and the IUD. The first IUD I had was perfect. And, I’m sorry about your cycles, but yeah, hormones is what the docs would probably use.

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