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School begins January 6, and I fear I won’t make that deadline. Please, pray that I get all my paper work completed, signed, and approved by…say tomorrow. 🙂
Why have I waited? My advisor won’t be back on campus until tomorrow, and she’s been away for several weeks now, and I need her signature on a couple of lines to get other things approved.
I’m anxious. I could really use your prayers. I feel as if God is far away at the moment. That I’m far away. And, I know, it’s just the enemy that causes us to feel lost and alone. I know my Lord has not left me, nor will He ever.
Also, once I do get back into school, I feel my year will be very busy. With the kids, my job, my health and fitness, and school and the house, well, I just don’t see me having a great deal of extra time. And, to be honest, I’ll miss sharing my world with you. I enjoy typing out my feelings and getting your responses. *laughs* I just got a flashforward image of no one responding to this post after I just typed that. 🙂
Tomorrow starts a new day. Maddie is staying with my sister-in-law tomorrow while I head back for in-service. School actually starts back up again Tuesday and then we’ll be off for Martin Luther King, jr. Day and then we’ll be skipping spring break this year cause parents don’t like to take another week off to keep their kids. I know, that was mean of me, wasn’t it? Well, I guess I’m a bit jaded that we lost our spring break because parents thought we were closed too often through out the year. i.e., they don’t like taking a week off to spend with their kids. Ok, mean again, but you get my point. Maybe it’s the whole capitalism thing, but that’s another story and another post.
For now, I look forward to seeing ya when I see ya. 🙂 I have a few more reviews and giveaways left to do so I’m not completely done, I’ll probably just be a little more quiet than usual.
Til then…

18 thoughts on “To My Beloved Blog

  1. No you are not being mean ~ you are being truthful! We pray for you everyday and I hope we are included in yours. Did you ever listen to the song In Your Hands by JJ Hellar? Well, go listen right now ~ I promise it will speak to your soul 🙂 Hug Each Other! Karen

  2. I love getting to spend time with my son over Spring Break! How can parents be like that?

    I’ve just found you and I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

  3. I know just how you feel! I was telling a friend yesterday that I was going to use the next two weeks to get all my school stuff up to date and do all the prep I still need to do before school starts on the 11th! What a shock when she told ne the 11th was NEXT WEEK!!!! Yikes! How did I miss that one? LOL I suppose after the months holiday we just had, who needs sleep?
    I am sure all will be well for both of us in the end. Bummer about your Spring break. We are having the weirdest school terms this year. South Africa is hosting the Football World Cup and the whole country, including the schools is coming to a schreeching halt for two months in June and July.

  4. Thank you all for your comments and love.

    Karen, I’ll go listen and thanks so much for the prayers. 🙂

    Kim, thanks for popping by.

    Tertia, our schools systems do get out for June and July, however, being in early intervention, I work all 12 months. 🙂

    Wylie, I know, I love spending time wiht my kids.

    Angela, thanks so much for the prayers and the reminder of the power I do have in Christ’s name. 🙂

  5. or maybe parents actually have to work. It would be nice if we all had enough money to take time off whenever. As a mother of 3, you should totally understand having to work to support your children. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  6. Dear Anonymous, I think what is upsetting to those who work with children (and love their job and the children entrusted to them) is that when the facility is going to be closed and they are going to actually get a few days off, many times (but not always) you have parents who make you feel bad about it ie “what I am supposed to do now” “who is going to take care of the children” etc. It can be very disheartening when you have given these children (who aren’t yours) all this love and time and then the parents make comments like that – and trust me those comments are made. Even if the parents are not initally being hurtful but just being thoughtless – well, they need to stop being thoughtless – since the bottom line is the children are their responsibility. I truly hope I haven’t offended you. And Toni, I hope you didn’t mind me responding. Karen

  7. I didn’t mean to offend those who work with children, it’s just that you can’t make comments like that about “parents” because not all parents look forward to being away from their children. As with everything there are exceptions. When you are, however, paying a lot of money to have your children taken care of, it’s usually for a reason. Most of the time it’s because you have no one else to care for them and you can’t afford to not work. Maybe some parents just say things out of being frustrated over the entire situation. I have a hard time believing that all parents don’t want to spend time with their children.

  8. Dear Anonymous, I agree not all parents want to be away from their children. But I do believe their are many couples where if money was budgeted better, they went without “things” that aren’t necessary (I could give a whole big list but I wont – ok let me just list one two for now: basic cable is only $10 to $15 dollars a month instead of the mega plan and a cell phone with a basic plan instead of one with unlimited texting, etc.) one of parents could stay at home or take unpaid leave from work. I know there are families that need both incomes but we both also know many expenses could be done away with. I also firmly believe many women with children choose to work. I am not saying this is a bad thing but what I am saying is that if they budgeted, went without, etc. they could stay at home but choose not to. Why??? Because they want, need, like the fulfillment they get from their jobs and don’t want to give it up. They may have worked very hard to get to their present postion and feel like they would be throwing all that away. Lastly, most people don’t pay a lot for childcare. It is a fact that childcare workers are horribly underpaid. Great discussion ~ thanks! Karen

  9. Wow, I guess I’ve chosen the wrong blog to follow. This seems to be a sensitive topic and tends to lean towards women who don’t work. I spend approx 900/month on childcare,so yes, it is very expensive. I don’t work full time but childcare is full time. I choose to work so that I can better provide for my children. Also, God has blessed with with a special gift and I choose not to let that gift go to waste. I work VERY hard to make sure that my children feel loved and secure and I NEVER put my job before them. What about single moms and dad who have no choice but to work, and have no family close to them. It’s difficult to read people judging others. When you put a blog like this one out there that is supposed to be “mom friendly”, you’re welcoming moms of all kinds to read. I choose not to judge because I don’t know everyone’s situation. I choose to be sensitive. Therefore, this doesn’t seem to be the blog for me. A little too hipocritical (sp?). I just wish we were all as “wise” as the original author, or should I say, bold.

  10. Dear Anonymous, I am truly sorry if I offened you. Like I said I agree with you that not all parents want to be away from their children and I also said that it wasn’t a bad thing if a woman chooses to work. I also thanked you for a great discussion. I do not have my own blog page but isn’t the point to be able to share your ideas/opinions and let others respond? And yes, since we all don’t think alike there will be different points of view and we can agree to disagree? Otherwise what’s the point? I don’t believe Toni was being judgemental. I believe she was stating a fact that she was probably told from management at her center. My guess is either that did a survey at the end of last year and most parents said that didn’t like the center being closed for Spring Break or they have a comment/suggestion box where a lot of parents said they didn’t like the center being closed for Spring Break. When I initially read Toni’s blog I assumed that when she said parents she didn’t mean “all” the parents. Once again I apologize for obviously upsetting you – it truly wasn’t my intent. I enjoy reading others opinions/comments/insights even if they are different from my own. Take Care! Karen

  11. Ok, so comming in late on this but I agree with karen and Mrs. Anonymous. I too felt that Toni was being a bit harsh by stating that these parents dont want to spend time with their children. I have paid over $12,000 a year in childcare before so I can say YES it is expensive. I would love to be able to take off work every time the schools closed but unfortunately my job does not allow that much time off nor can I afford that much time off with reguards to my bills. My family does not live lavishly but we are comfortable. In a way it is a choice that I work because “I have to” my husband does not make enough money to even pay half the bills. I am lucky to have family that is willing to help me when school and daycare is closed but some parents dont have that luxary(sp). As for Karen, I agree that most parents love to spend every waking moment with their children (as I do and wish I could). Karen is prob right that most childcare workers dont make much money. I dont know I guess there is no right or wrong answer to this. But since everyone was giving their opinions I decided to jump on the bandwagon! Now, who did I offend? LOL Love,Tiff

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