A yeast infection of the mouth.
Sean found a white blister in Madison’s mouth this afternoon. It makes complete sense since I’ve been dealing with uncomfortable nursing for some time now. I keep applying the medicine and tonight we began giving her the oral medicine. Ohhhhhhhhh, she does not like it to which it caused her to throw up all of her milk.
We both took a nice bath and then an hour or so later I gave her the other dose that we never got to before. It doesnt seem to cause her any pain, but I sure would like for this to clear up. I’d nevre had it with the boys so its all new to me. If anyone knows of any quick fix remedies out there I’m all for hearing about it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thrush

  1. is she on the oral nystatin? If that is not working you could get some gentian violet from the drug store (in the pharmacy). It will stain anything it comes in contact with purple, but its just as effective as the nystatin. And it wont make them spit up.

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