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Thoughts From The Beehive: Living like a bee.

As I sit out next to the hive, enjoying the morning with my coffee and bees, I’m left asking myself, “why don’t I live like a bee?”

Bees take life straight on and live it fully. They enter the world ready to work, to take up their job of caring for others and the hive, instantly.

Why don’t I take the same initiative towards life? Why do I wait on someone else to tackle the dirty dishes when I’m just as capable of doing them and I’m only 2 feet away from the dishwasher? (And yet, my husband will forever repeat back these words to me once he’s read them…)

I’m lazy??!!!


I don’t feel confident to take on projects?


I’m just tired of doing it all!!

Always! (but which really means I’m just living my life comparing it to others, trying to keep a checks and balance mentality, which does me no good and only causes further frustration)

So, maybe I’ll spend the week doing jobs around the house that I would otherwise leave to someone else. Maybe rather than passing by the dirty clothes, I’ll run a load so my husband won’t have to do it.

How I think this experience will go over the next week?

1. I’ll be exhausted which will lead to frustration and resentment.

2. I’ll feel overwhelmed and just won’t do it.

3. I’ll end up asking for help, which is still common in the life of a bee, they communicate all the time about what they need.

So, there we have it, my little life-like-a-bee project. Cheers!

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