The Process of Play

Have you ever watched children play? It’s pretty unique to unravel the moments of discovery and play with a child. Below are pics of Maddie while she discovers a new toy and all it’s fun.

Maddie found some cars left behind from the neighbor kids. She picked them up, checked out the make and model, and began playing, freely, with them.

She then began picking up different toys, trying to work them together. Problem solving to see how things fit into place, whether or not they were compatible.

And then she began her pretend play. She picked up a stick, called it a snake, and began moving it around the toys.

There is so much learning that takes place through simple play. Children need these opportunities to investigate, pretend, and create while in the safety and enjoyment of parents. 🙂
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6 thoughts on “The Process of Play

  1. I enjoyed this post, it reminded me of the simple joys in raising my children and now with my Grandkids.

    How often did I purchase expensive “learning toys” only to discover that the really fun playtimes revolved around objects that allowed childhood imaginations to blossom!

    Sweet photos too!


  2. Isn’t it amazing to watch them… I love to listen to them too… when my toddlers have a real convo, it is AMAZING… anyways, a new follower from Adventures of 8’s Tuesday Blog Hop, thanks for joining in…

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