The month of April…

*Road to Fitness*
1. Lose 50 pounds
2. Drink 64 oz. of water a day
3. Learn portion control
4. Lower blood pressure
5. Increase endurance
6. Tone muscle
7. Eat three raw fruits/vegtables a day
1. At least 30 minutes of cardio exercise 5 times a week.
2. Begin weight training at 6 weeks post-partum.
3. Track food and exercise daily.
4. Enjoy life!
12 – 20 minute walk with kids
13 – 25 minutes, Walk Away The Pounds, 25 minute walk around the track.
18 – 20 minutes elliptical
20 – 15 minutes elliptical
22 – 60 minutes, walk at riverpark
23 – 30 minute, walk away the pounds dvd
24 – 25 minute walk
25 – 15 minute bike, 35 minute treadmill
27 – 30 minute walk
28 – 21 minute walk
29 – 45 minute walk
30 – 30 minute walk
Looking back on it, I hadnt realized how active I’ve been this past month. I’m definitly not up to my 60 minutes of cardio a day, but overall, I’d say its been a good month, especially after just having a baby. Shhhhhh, we probably shouldnt tell anyone I’ve done so much. 🙂
Overall, I’m tracking my food daily, which is a huge pain, I’m starving due to breastfeeding, which means I’m craving unhealthy foods as well.
For the month of May, I’d like to focus more on healthy snacking, food tracking, increasing endurance and strength. I’m really looking forward to beinging my weight training with hubby.

2 thoughts on “The month of April…

  1. Seriously, shame on you! SLOW the heck down, let your body recover. My midwife almost kicked my hinnie when I begged to start working out at 4 weeks PP. The goals and objectives are wonderful, a healthy way to live, to be a wonderful example to your family, but most importantly, remember to be nice to yourself. Often we forget that part and there is the overdoing it to get everything in in a day. Remember that you still have to rest, take care of you and make milk for that gorgeous girl! Oh, and Way to GO on that exercising and commitedness! I can’t wait for it to get nice enough up here (Minnesota) to at least get out for walks with my little guy soon!

  2. Mellissa,
    I so hear ya on resting but I’m so pumped up about moving! Why shouldnt I listen to my body, my body’s really enjoying getting outside and walking.

    I truly enjoy working out and the feeling it gives me afterwards is of accomplishment, satisfaction, happiness, and even control. 🙂

    Also, I waited so long to have this body back that I’m so excited its mine again. 🙂

    Yes, yes, rest…but I’m really enjoying my time right now and my time is about doing what I enjoy: being outside with Maddie/family and working out 🙂


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