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The Fly Lady: Beginners Baby Steps

Day 1: 

Recently, I posted that I was finally putting The Fly Lady’s advice to practice, and Day 1 begins in the kitchen. Kelly recommends cleaning your sink before going to bed, that way it’s still shinning when you get up in the morning. 🙂

The only probablem here is that I have a husband, and he’s not reading The Fly Lady and nor is he even interested in keeping the sink clean and shiny. So, this will not only be a cleaning moment but it will also be a marriage moment as well. 

How to get your family on board with your idea of clean??? That is the question! I don’t know. I’ll take any advice I can get. Also, I’d like some advice on what cleaner to use on a porcelain sink. Bleach works well, but I don’t always enjoy the chemicals. 

Til next time…

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6 thoughts on “The Fly Lady: Beginners Baby Steps

  1. LOL I love it! I use Comet on my porcelain sink. But I grew up with Comet so I use it on everything. I haven’t really gotten into the ‘green’ cleaning products. You should read the kids book “Mrs Piggle Wiggle”. I don’t remember the author, but it was excellent in demonstrating how to get kids to do things they are being uncooperative in, (Even if it was a little overly dramatic). It baisically comes down to making it a game not a chore.

  2. LOL – My husband is actually more house-proud than me. I’m terrible. Well, not that bad – stuffs clean but it could be better. And cleaning products make my chest constrict something chronic – I have my excuse and I’m sticking to it! ;D

    Here to say hi. I’m following too.
    Shah – XX

  3. Hey Toni, When I started FlyLady it was because my husband was really getting annoyed with our messy house. So I said- “If it’s going to stay clean, this is how I’m going to do it.” He couldn’t argue because the entire house stays spotless.

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