Just postin’ a new pic of me and Maddie.
I love to watch her sleep. Since I wont be a stay at home mom, I love taking advantage of just being home with her right now and loving on her.
I do feel sad/sorry for Sean, though. He works so hard and comes home just to love all over his baby, and yet he’s still getting stressed when she gets upset.
He came home last night and I was so exhausted so by 9:00 I headed to bed but only to lay there and listen to my little girl fuss. Yes, she usually is fussing at night time, but I know it was only cause she wanted me. Sean tried to keep her calm and he never came and got me, trying to let me rest.
I finally got up and got her and she instantly went quiet. Sean got up and said he was going to bed. My heart just broke. I know she’ll adore him within a year or so, but right now, he’s trying so hard and yet he seems to be rejected.

2 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. Is Maddie’s thrush cleared up? If not, it can be painful for them too. I know when my babies don’t feel good they always want their mommy, daddy just won’t due.

  2. well, I’m not really sure if it’s bothered her. she never seemed to be upset when it came to nursing and such. at night she just gets a bit fussy and only wants me to hold her. I just never thought it would bother him.

    how long are we to continue using the meds? my doctor said it would clear up in a few days but I’m not sure how many days a few actually is. 🙂 I was thinking I’d use it for a week for her and as long as I had the pain.

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