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Stewie Boomstein Starts School

Is your child preparing for Kindergarten this year? If so, stewie boomstein starts schoolcheck out how Stewie Boomstein handles his first day!

Stewie Boomstein is a kid who likes to know what happens next. When it’s time to attend his first day of Kindergarten he’s a little thrown off by the directions given by his teacher as well as an unexpected nap time. Stewie ends his first day of school with a “mad face”. However, as the story progresses, he gets the idea to create his own picture schedule of the daily routine, removing all anxiety that can come along with new experiences.

Stewie opposes nap time
Stewie opposes nap time

The book is well written, reminding me of a social story, touching a great deal on Stewie’s feelings and way of thinking about his circumstances. It’s a great illustration of how children can reason through their own emotions and decide what steps to take next.

At the end of the story, there is also a section on How to Prepare You and Your Child for School by experts: Dr. Meryl Lipton MD, PhD and Dr. Barbara Kalmanmson PhD.

You can purchase Stewie Boomstein Starts School from Amazon {Prime Prices: Hardcover $21.96, Paperback $8.99} Geared toward children aged 3 – 6 preparing for Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten.

You can follow Stewie Boomstein on Facebook:, and Parents and Educators can also join a mailing list to receive tips, directly to your email, to help make the transition to school a happy one.



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