So, a couple of weeks ago I posted a poll on spanking and got some great results from it. 🙂 Now, I’m beginning to write the article as well as gathering my info, my links and such, and yet I need more of your help on what specific behaviors warrant a spanking?
In my house, throwing a fit from my 7 year old will get you one, but other than that I just can’t think of anything. I guess I’m not a big spanker. 🙂 So, please, tell me me about the horrible (just kidding) behavior your kids have and why you spank. Thanks so much!!

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  1. We spank for safety issues, not obeying in public places, and biting. My 1st son was a biter that’s why I have biting out there like that. All other things (at home: not obeying, fits, screaming)we use time out.

  2. I don’t spank overall as I personally feel it teaches my children it is okay to hit another person, however, I am not perfect and if there is a HUGE danger or safety issue I may tap their bum. Hope this helps a little bit!

  3. I try and not spank since I know that my anger can show through and I don’t want to discipline out of anger, but out of a concern for her behavior. That being said, my 2 year old does defy me at times and it warrants 1 or 2 small swats on the tush. She does things like running away from me on purpose after I tell her to come here (and not out of fun) or refuses to go to bed. I can differentiate between childish behavior and outright disobedience 🙂

  4. Josh never received a spanking. He was crawling at 3 months and would crawl over to cords to play with them and the only thing that stopped him was having his hand slapped. Matt was maybe 2 1/2 and we would have Dennis come over and play. Dennis was a year older. For some reason Matt would hit Dennis for no reason. I did time outs etc. The third time it happened I took Matt in our bedroom and spanked his bottom. He looked at me and said “that hurt” and I said “that is how it feels to Dennis when you hit him”. Matt never hit Dennis or anyone else again. I personally feel spanking should be a last resort. I prefer redirecting, timeouts or taking away privledges (ie no video games etc). Karen

  5. I’ve never spanked my daughter and don’t plan on it.

    I don’t bash anyone for doing it, in repsonse to really bad behavior. It is a punishment of last resort, for most parents.

    Parents do have to ask themselves, if they are spanking out of frustration, or if it is a calculated and effective response to the bad behavior.

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