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So much…

There is so much going on in my life right now, but this pic really wraps it up: love, happiness, and contentment.
I joined a bible study last night at church, Ester: It’s Tough Being A Woman. Oh, and you know it certainly is. One of the areas address was, living in the shadows of other women. Wow! And, it just so happened that there was a lady there that had a very strong resemblance to a female that I had issues with at another church. I mean, so strong I had to take a double look at her when we passed in the hall. Oh, yes, the good Lord is healing this heart. 🙂
Also, Sept. 11 is coming up which marks a day that was very dark for me. My husband hit his head last year and I awoke to him falling down. When I got to him he was having a flashback to when he was attacked while in the Navy. It wasnt pretty and this is the first time I’ve ever publically even talked about it. He was gone for a week and I spent everyday, in my bed, crying, reading my bible. Family memebers wanted to come into town, but I said no, I just wanted to be with God. It’s a true testimoney to God that we made it through that week, and our marriage is stronger for it. My husband goes to counseling to deal with this issue and I know in my heart, he will never hurt me or my children.
And so, the picture above illustrates where we are now. We are together, we are happy, and we are blessed, and it is only through the Lord that we’ve made it this far, with so many blessings.

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  1. Okay girl, I just have to tell you this!!! It must be meant for us to be blog buddies.. I signed on to your site today to check out your update and you have one of my favorite songs we sing at church on your playlist.. (How Great is our God)… I LOVE that song!! How weird!!! I just thought that was so neat being as how you felt like you were meant to make it to my site to read the story I posted. Funny how things work huh???

  2. Thank you all for your wonderful words!

    I was so scared to post this in regards to what others would say/think, but it is so helpful to talk about what happened.

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