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Selvera: Personalized Weight Management

When I joined the Mamavation Mom Weight Loss and Detox Bootcamp Campaign back in January, I was more than thrilled. Carrying around that extra “baby weight” for the past 2 years had truly slowed me down, and it seemed no matter what I did, I just couldn’t find my success.

While in the campaign, I had weekly meetings with a nutritionist, doctor, and trainer. I also had a large support group that made up two other Mamavation Moms who were also in the campaign, Mamavation Mom Graduates, as well as many others to simply offer daily support and encouragement. It was truly amazing. I learned so much. And it wasn’t just about losing weight but it was more about changing my life.

My campaign ran for 7 weeks and within that time I removed 13 inches from my body, I gained a vast amount of knowledge, and formed lasting friendships. And even though I know I can turn to my Mamavation family at any time, my campaign is over and it’s now up to me to move forward. And that’s where Selvera’s Personalized Weight Management comes in.

Selvera works by addresses the three areas of life that have the greatest impact on your success: nutrition, activity, selveraand lifestyle. Selvera believes in providing you with the tools you’ll need to make healthy food choices by pairing with you to create and then deliver weekly meals of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein{meal deliveries are optional}. And then as you move into the transitional phase of weight management, you’ll begin to shop and purchase your own foods.

As I had with Mamavation, Selvera , provides a personal trainer to help build workout schedules and strategies to build muscle and lose weight. I loved knowing I could contact my trainer with questions or tweak a workout, and the same is true with Selvera , it’s all about personalizing a plan that works best for you.

And the third area addressed is lifestyle. I believe this is the most important aspect of the team. It’s here where you will identify the triggers that may lead to future weight gain or what possibly has been your stumbling block in the past, such as portion control, snacking to relieve boredom or stress, and then working to find replacement habits.

So, how easy is it to get started?

Selvera works in threes: sign up , personalize your goals with your team of experts, and then begin your journey of success. Seriously. It’s simple, do-able, and only takes a moment to make the decision for change.


For $150/month, that’s less than $5/day, you get the one on one, personalized plan. And honestly, I’m worth this, you’re worth this, and so are our families. It’s time I made a commitment, it’s time you made a commitment to see it through, to learn the tools needed for permanent weight loss and management, not just another fad diet. I know the benefits of working with a team, and it works, so will you join me as I join Selvera!? JOIN NOW!



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