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{Review} Hewlett Packard

hp EcoFFICIENT paper
hp EcoFFICIENT paper

Hewlett Packard is well known for their exceptional products and now they’ve released the EcoFIICENT paper. This paper is designed for everyday internal documents, with 20% lighter weight than standard copy paper to help you work and print more efficiently. By using ecoFIICIENT paper, your business will increase efficiency and resource utilization for printing, shipping, storage, and disposal. It fits up to 125 more sheets in your printer tray for less refilling, taking up less storage space, and weighs less for easy carrying.

The ecoFIICIENT paper reminds me of thick tracing paper, yet not as transparent, but certainly lighter than typical copy paper. This paper would be ideal for in-house memos and copies. And even though the paper is certainly lighter it still captures bright, beautiful images when printed.

With you can order your own ecoFFICIENT paper for $44.38/per carton {625 sheets/ 8 packs per carton}, with 2 day FREE delivery. There is also a “Schedule and Save” option, $42.16/per carton when you opt to be a returning customer.

As an educator I’m always on the look out for deals when it comes to office supplies, and has never let me down with their great promotional products. also offers medical supplies and office stationary. Check it out!

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