Rediscovering Myself

I was suddenly overwhelmed with excitement at the idea of rediscovering myself and refocusing my life.

After spending years focusing on what other’s thought and felt about me, taking care of my children, bills, and career, there simply wasn’t enough mental energy left to really focus clearly.

But things change, people shift, and I’ve discovered that my self-worth does not lie in the hands of others. Who I am is not dependent on what someone else does or says to me. This is freedom….

And so who am I?

~ I am a mother, foremost, and I assume this role will always be my main priority. 388940_2346476099389_481417149_n

~ I am a runner.

~ I am a belly dancer.

~ I am an urban farmer.

~ I am a teacher.

~ I am a student.

~ I am a friend.

~ I am a co-worker.

~ I am a family member.

~ I am a woman, constantly growing and changing, rediscovering myself and adapting.

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