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Rachel and The Treeschoolers: Too Educational For TV!?

TreeSchoolersRachel Coleman uses her hands to not only care for her family but also to teach American Sign Language through her well known program, Signing Times. After realizing her first child was deaf, her and her husband began learning, as well as sharing, the new language to their daughter who picked it up quickly and within months was signing away.

Speaking of learning, did you know that only 1 in 8 kid shows are highly educational? That means the average 3 to 5 hours of tv that most kids watch daily are not providing an educational foundation for growth, yet with the release of a new, engaging show both using Preschool curriculum and complete accountability to parents, Rachel and the Treeschoolers takes kid programming to a new level with layered learning, making smart kids smarter!

But, Rachel and the Treeschoolers need Your help, they have approximately 36 hours left to raise the money needed to launch the Treeschoolers program. You can ensure this program goes live by donating to the Kickstarter Campaign.

For more information on Rachel and the Treeschoolers, check out these episodes! Ep. 1: A Rainy Day Ep. 2: Plants & Flowers Ep. 3: Incredible Insects Ep 4: (preview) My Amazing Body Let’s bring the best educational programming to our children and let’s make it happen together!



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