Probiotics, baby

So, I stopped off and picked up some infant and adult probiotics. The infant is actually a powder to which I just add a bit of water or breast milk and then use a little medicine seringe (sp) to give it to her.
So far, no more spitting up, foaming at the mouth, or projectile vomiting like with the oral meds given to us by the dr. for the thrush. And, after being on the nystatin for a week now, I’m finally seeing a difference since I’ve added the probiotics.
My work outs are also going well. I was able to get up this morning and actually do 15 minutes on my bike, while pumping. I then did my 30 minute lunch walk, which felt great. I hope to be able to continue walking through out the day, it really helps to break up my work day as well as give me a boost of energy/good vibes.
Overall work is going well. The summers are a bit more laid back/easy. I cant believe this school year is almost over. I’ll be taking a few of my students with me to class 6, but not all of them. Actually, I’ll be taking a small group that I’ve had since the baby room, this will be our third school year together…talk about knowing some people. 🙂
I dropped Jeremy off when we got back into town yesterday and he dad wants him to stay over til Wednesday, so, my house is still quiet, and I still miss my boys. I’ll be picking Austin up this Friday and my dad and his family will be coming into town to celebrate Jeremy’s 7th birthday. We are getting pictures of Maddie made and heading over to a day at gooney golf, race cars, etc. It should be a fun weekend. I just hope I dont have any projects to work on this weekend. These crambed in classes tend to want you to do alot of homework to get everything done. We shall just have to see. 🙂
Other than that, Sean is doing well with cutting out his cokes and such. He had a terrible headache today and so ended up going to bed around 7:00 pm. It seems caffinee addiction can be a hard thing to break. 🙂
Oh, and I’ve still got some crazy ear infection. I havent broken down for the dr.’s yet. I did, however, have my nurse at school look at it. She said it was red and the tempanagram wouldnt give a reading which meant there was fluid. My whole right side of my face is uncomfortable, with tons of pressure, and I’m pretty much deaf on the right side, but I have faith it will clear up on its own. And, maybe just maybe, those probiotics can help it out. 🙂
Alright then friends and neighbors, I’m off to bed. Remember to lock your doors, say your prayers, and kiss the ones you love good-night. 🙂

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  1. Ick! I just read this. I had a killer yeast infection on the nipples when G was about 4-7 weeks old. Probiotics are your best friend! here’s one hint, when you are all better, keep them going in you and Maddie. Our chiro and midwife/naturopath dr. both told me that I can just break open one of my probiotic capsuls, moisten my pinkie finger tip and give it to G-Man that way. He makes a face, but takes it. We still do it daily. (good gut = healthy body!) Also for yeast, less icky than nystatin and an alternative if you get it again is a liquid called Gentian Violet. You can get it at Walgreens or other local pharmacy for pretty cheap. You put a little on a q-tip then let Maddie suck on q-tip and then put her to breast to nurse. It’s a natural antifungal that has no drug side effects. It does make baby look like an oompa-loompa or smurf from the purple/blue color and does get all over so we did it at nite. It cured my raging yeast in less than 4 days! It can also be used on cuts and scrapes later on! You can read more about it on http://www.kellymom.com if you are intersted! I am glad you are sticking it out! Lordy do I know how much that hurts!!!!!!

  2. I think the probiotics are really making a difference for us both. I give Maddie one dose a day compared to the 4 times a day of oral nystatin and her thrush is almost completely cleared up. And, yes, definitly we will keep up with them. I use to take them daily, but I let my old ways slip, however, I seem to be naturally going back to them and it feels nice. 🙂

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