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Potty Training 101: Who’s Poop Is It Anyway?

So, my little Ms. Maddie is a big girl you see. She’s three and likes to do things that all other three year olds do: run around crazy, talking in her know-it-all, six word sentences, independently living it up, and “making brown.” That’s right, Folks, my darling little girl explains that her superpower is making brown in her pants. And you totally understand that when I say, “making brown,” it’s simply means good ole poop.

Now, here’s the real doozy, she’s potty trained at school. Yep, stays dry All. Day. Long. even through nap time, which is a hard obstacle to cross as a little person. But, not to my girl, she does it all until she slams through our front door and turns into the Poop Making Super Hero!

So, as you might have guessed it, I do get frustrated over this. I mean, come on, if you can do a particular behavior in one setting, you should be able to generalize it across the board, or at least that’s the goal of learning. So what’s the problem? Where am I falling short in the potty department?

Routine. That’s the only real difference I see between home and school. I don’t believe our routine is as well organized as school and therefore we aren’t using the potty as consistently. But, let’s not forget positive behavioral support, it’s always great to be rewarded for appropriate behaviors so I simply through out the statement while driving home in the car yesterday, “you’ll get some candy when you pee-pee on the potty.” I really didn’t think Maddie heard me or even cared that I was chatting with her, but around 8:00  last night I hear her say, “Momma, I want some candy,” then she quickly turned around and said, “I’m gonna go pee pee in the potty!” She did, like she can always do, and then insisted on the treat that I had not planned on giving her. Bad Momma. She handled it well, I told her Daddy had the candy and Daddy just so happened to be at work. Still, I gotta get a better game plan.

Pull-Ups* Potty Timer - Princesses

So, even though I have a Master’s in Early Childhood Education, I thought I’d turn to the real pros,, and see what tips of the trade they had to offer. I then ran across this snazzy princess watch that has a timer on it to go off when it’s time to potty. I LOVE IT! How cute it that to sport around your own little watch and chime up the world when it’s time for you to go make your business??!! It’s adorable and I think Maddie needs it, but it’s $15 and I can find one cheaper at a local store, so off to do some shopping today with the hopes of picking up our next best potty friend. 🙂

What about You? How do you reward your kids for going to the potty, and how do you make consistence more of a priority? Or, are you a super cool parent who’s kid’s been using the potty since blowing out that big number 1 on the cake?  ðŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Potty Training 101: Who’s Poop Is It Anyway?

  1. ok Toni here is my take on it – she is not using the potty at home because she wants your attention. Maddie is smart and knows that Jacob gets 1 on 1 attention during diaper changes and she wants that to. So I stop with all rewards and attention. When she needs her diaper changed, you go and do it without any conversation about it. I wouldn’t even be talking with her while you are changing her or cleaning her up. I wouldn’t talk about peeing or pooping in the potty anymore. If she does it great – if she doesn’t so be it. She is controlling the situation right now and I wouldn’t let her control it anymore.

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