Poop Hands!

My beautiful, amazing daughter, Maddie, just pulled poop out of her pants.
That’s right folks, she was standing in the living room, watching her favorite show, Shaun the Sheep, doing squats, and I was just smiling watching her work on all that gross motor, when all of a sudden she stood up, stopped, and put her hand gently down the back of her pants.
Me: Maddie take your hand out of your pants, pls.
Maddie: takes hand out, slowly, brings it up, and begins opening and closing her fingers while some light brown goop moves back and forth on her hand.

I grabbed her up and ran to the sink, holding out the poo hand so that it didn’t get it’s little, stinky self on anything/anyone. After the cleansing we headed to the changing table. She never seemed bothered by it in the least, I, on the other hand, could have vomited up the last two days meal.

I can’t wait til I’m old and senial and I do the same to her….Motherhood is grand!


4 thoughts on “Poop Hands!

  1. That’s hilarious! I have my own poop story. A couple of days ago, I saw a dark rock looking thing on our bedroom floor and I reached down and picked it up thinking it was a paper weight or something.. well.. u guessed it. It was my baby’s poop! I guess it must have rolled out of his diaper when I changed him earlier in the day! Ughh!!! I quickly threw it down and ran to the bathroom with my hand flailing to and fro! I must have washed my hands for 10 straight minutes.. gross. ::sigh:: Motherhood really is something special. 🙂

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