My second born will be 15 in a few days.

This morning I caught myself just sitting and watching him, remembering when he was just a baby, and realizing how much he’s grown. He’s been talking about driving for the past two years. He’s been dreaming of us buying him an el’ comino, which has not been purchased, but I can’t say I haven’t thought about it just so I can see the look on his face to see it in the driveway.

It’s the little things…

So, with his permit test so close, he’s been studying daily. He’s actually found some really great youtube video’s online:

I was actually impressed with how many videos are available. He has the study manual but with tech savvy kids now-a-days, it’s no wonder they’d rather turn to the internet to learn.

So, there it is, my baby boy, a soon-to-be driver, I hope we’re all ready. 🙂

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