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Per Doctor’s Request: The New “Diet” of Life

I recently uncovered a trait about myself, I have been using food as a way to fuel my life with pleasure while avoiding the risk of vulnerability. This realization lead to the opportunity for me to take charge of my life and take more responsibility for my choices/behaviors.

So, as some of you know, it’s Teacher Appreciation Week, which entails appreciating the school staff with mostly food items; my school is actually providing lunch for all teachers each day this week, and even though I love the chance to munch on some free food, especially when it’s high quality, healthy ingredients, it’s still uncomfortable to fall out of the norm on preferred eating habits.

I remember when I was participating in my Mamavation Bootcamp. I always found a group of people that felt I exercised too much, drank too much water, or deprived myself of sweets way too often. I know it was truly more about themselves in comparison to my own life choices, but still, to not eat desert and sweet tea, when it’s offered, is almost a sin here in the South.

So, sin away I did.

Chattanooga Sports Insitute and Center for HealthI walked out without my “goodies” and was quickly reminded of the free treats I was leaving behind. I turned around to explain how I was cutting out sweets, blah, blah, blah and then I realized I was staring into the face of someone who simply wasn’t getting my point of view. So, I switched it up and stated, “my doctor prescribes I eat less processed, more whole foods. You know, more fruits and vegetables (holding up my salad plate) and less sugary items.” I was then quickly greeted with a smile and “oh, I understand…”

I walked out of the break room feeling relieved that I’d skipped on the sweets and I was putting my priorities back in line: wanting to eat fresh foods, cutting down on deserts, and truly wanting to break away from the pleasure I feel from that sugar high…I’m tired of being controlled by food and it’s after effects (unless of course the after effects are happy mood and more energy which I get more often from fresh foods and tons of water.)

So after patting myself on the back, I realized the authority my doctor held, no more questions, just simply a nod from someone who’s heard the same thing from her own doctor. And there it was, my new scape-goat to eating healthy…because my doctor said so…

And, in all honestly, my doctor did actually encourage more clean eating, hydration, and exercise. And not only does she prescribe it, she lives by it, and I think that stands out to me more than anything. When I go in to see my doctor, her office is decorated with pictures of herself and others accomplishing goals from 5k’s to Ironman Triathlons. She, herself, changed her own life around and is now a triathlete, and to hear her call me an athlete literally sets my soul on fire and helps me to believe in myself and my own goals and life changes.

So, today I take a moment to honor anyone who’s trying to make a difference from drinking some extra water, walking those 10k steps, to pushing away processed foods for another choice. I also applaud those who not only prescribe healthy lifestyles but live them as well. We’re all walking our own journey, why not share a bit of the happiness together.

If you’re in the Chattanooga area and you’re looking for a sports/family doctor, check out Danielle Mitchell at the Chattanooga Sports Institute and Center For Health, you’ll be very happy you did!

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