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Pamper Yourself with Candie Chic’s Moisturizing Foot Soak

What better way to unwind….

As a woman, I juggle a thousand things a day from kids to work to simply finding enough time to put on a pair of running shoes and stay sane, but what I’ve noticed that I don’t typically do often enough is pamper myself.

That has now changed with a Moisturizing Foot Soak from Candie Chic. This toxic free product uses evaporated milk

Candie Chic
Candie Chic

and essential oils to create an experience I plan to enjoy time and time again. With four different fragrances to choose from: Tasty – a flora and citrus aroma, Treat – a burst of citrus, Sweet Tooth – exotic and sweet, and Indulgence – an herbal yet floral fragrance.

I chose the Treat soak and enjoyed the refreshing citrus burst. Actually, to be quiet honest, instead of simply using a foot bath, I applied this product in my tub and used it as a whole body moisturizing soak. It’s not a high soapy, bubble bath but more of a calm, relaxing moment that renews the soul with it’s beautiful aroma. And, as I was drying off I realized that nice callus area on my foot, that many runners develop, was actually softened and easily buffed away. Wow, not only did I enjoy a relaxing moment to myself but I also discovered a new way to pamper myself, for we all know, when Momma’s happy, Everybody’s happy. 🙂

Candie Chic’s Moisturizing Foot Soak retails for $8, but with her gracious 40% off code: Joy, you now have a chance to enjoy your own pampering moment and with your savings you can pick up another fragrance or simply share this product with a friend who may need a little pampering herself. Simply enter the code in the “apply discount code” box which will show up after you’ve clicked the checkout link. This code is good through August 20, 2014.

About Candie Chic:

The owner of Candie Chic, Lauren got the idea for of Home Spa products in college. As a lover of beauty and being pampered, Lauren noticed the expense of going to the salon every week. After doing pedicures herself, she never looked back. Dorm-room pedicures were not only far cheaper, but Lauren could use products that didn’t irritate her sensitive skin.

Lauren began doing pedicured for friends during their girls movie nights. When one friend fell completely in love with Lauren’s homemade foot soak, she decided to start a business.

Candie Chic Today

Exclusive fragrances and skin-loving ingredients are what make Candie Chic. We are dedicated to creating luxury in a bottle that can give you the spa experience whenever you would like. Grab your girlfriends or just sit back and relax by yourself. Candie Chic brings the spa to you.

Thanks to Candie Chic for supplying me with this product for review. The opinions expressed in this post are 100% honest and authentic. 


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