the blog dare: january 15

Ok. Another Dose of Honesty – Here It Comes

I am the best mother in the world…

because I allow my kids to watch some tv….

I co-sleep with all my babies (again, not at the same time)….

my 21 month old has an oral fixation and I let her work it out with a paci….

my house is not perfect, it simply mirrors an imperfect world….

when I look at my kids I fall in love with them, constantly. I think their potential outshines any others. I dream of them. I think of them constantly. I want them to succeed, not in a way that’s simply worldly, but most importantly, spiritually. I pray for them before I ever close my eyes to end a day, I pray with them, and I hope and my pray my failures/mishaps as a parent will not impact them so negatively that it causes them any pain or heartache.

But through all that, my husband is the still the better parent in this family. He teaches and is constantly watching out for them. Where I pray, he acts. I guess we make a good team.


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