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Oh Gross: My Kid Likes To Go Poop In The Shower

Maddie and I love shower time! We use it as a free water park, splashing and yelling, singing, and playing with cups and foam letters. There is never a dull moment when the water is running. So while Maddie was playing around and I was resting nicely on the shower seat I didn’t think much of it as she did a miniature squat, let out a slight sigh, and then dropped two mini-turds onto the shower floor.

Wait!  What??!!! My toddler totally took a dump while standing in the shower! I was shocked!!! I freaked! I gasped, yelling out, “NO POOPING IN THE SHOWER!” and then reached to turn the water off when all of a sudden my brain was like, “wait! we can use this! we already have water and soap…stay with me…clean up the poop then clean up your kid.” Ok. Gotcha! 

I threw open the shower curtain, grabbed some toilet paper, which completely turns to mush when wet, scooped up the tiny turds and plopped them into the toilet. It looked as if a monsoon had hit my bathroom, there was water EVERYWHERE.

But we were still in the shower which then meant it was time to clean the little bottom and shower floor. I scrubbed. Thankfully it wasn’t that hard or even time consuming. It was over and done with within a matter of minutes and Maddie didn’t even seem to mind it at all. I had to sit back down and recollect my thoughts. I had just gone from relaxation to mom on poop control back to calm and collect. Motherhood is amazing. 🙂

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