Does Maddie nursing non-stop mean my milk supply is drying up or is it more that she feels more comforted because of the shots?
Sometimes I get way too paranoid when she wants to nurse all day long. I like the full feeling because then I know I’m making plenty and I have plenty to give her, however, she seems to have nursed all weekend long and when I tried pumping today, after two separate times, I finally got 4 ounces.

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  1. Baby it’s the shots. Plus, at her age she is likely hitting a growth spurt. G is just over 6 months, he has days where it’s constant nursing but we have never had to supplement, nor have we started food yet. Sometimes it’s just nice to be that close to mamma!

    How did the shots go? We got sorta chewed out by the ped. on Fri for still not doing any. Oh well, it was no skin off my nose and we still feel like we are making the right choices for our family.

  2. Abbey, I meant to pick up some cereal yesterday but never got to the store.

    They went pretty well. She ran a fever that night/early morning. I gave her a dose of meds just cause I’m scared of high fevers, however, hers never got over 101. She’s just been super close to me, wanting to nurse non-stop, which isnt bad, I’ve just gotten use to sharing her with Daddy.

    Overall, it wasnt a terrible experience, still high stressful, but she seems to have come through them well enough.

    My pediatrician said that if the screaming fit continued again this time then we’d discuss at 6 months wether to give her that shot again.

    My office requires the shots, you can space them out, but it is a requirement there. However, they are super nice and understanding about the controversy with them.

    Do you plan on giving G man any shots or are you waiting til he’s around 2?

    I ordered Dr. Sear’s book on shots. It should be here within the week.

  3. Actually, we are thinking about the mumps vaccine and polio only. But we aren’t sure when or certain about those either. We continue to vacillate on that. I do know that we’ll likely pass his 4th birthday before he gets any vaccinations. The only reason I am considering poliio (even though there hasn’t been a single case of polio in the US since 1985) is because polio can seriously mess him up. It scares me. The mumps (if it’s bad enough) can make a boy sterile. I don’t want to be responsilbe for taking away his right to have babies when he is MUCH MUCH older. But again, mumps is soooo freakin rare, that we wonder if it’s necessary. It’s amazing what God made the body to endure and fight off if we treat it the way it was designed…whole foods, chemical free foods, fresh air, exercise, lotsa water, zero processed food and sodas…so we are just not sure. We had to call around to find a dr. office that would take us as non-vaccing parents. On Friday, our dr. told us that lately, they have a lot of parents refusing vaccines. He seemed a little perturbed. I found it encouraging that there are folks there who are demanding safety for their children. I am not anti-vaccine. I am anti-toxins that are untested and in our vaccines. I am glad that Maddie did well!

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