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Not in a great mood…

I am happy in my class. I am not happy with what’s outside my doors.

Jeremy’s dad is concerned about buying Jeremy clothes from Wal-Mart. I’m frustrated over this point. Life is not about image, its about the Lord, and its through salvation that we’re saved from the fear of rejection, especially due to our clothes.

I just recently took Jeremy into the Good Will, he had a blast. 🙂 We picked up two pairs of pants, both for $4.00.

I’d rather not go to work today. I’d rather just lock myself away on an island somewhere, with my family, eat popcorn, drink coffee, and play the wii fit. 🙂 Yet, as I tossed and turned through out the night, I’d wake up to hear myself say, “let your will be done, Lord.” And I know its true. I’m throwing my hands up today and asking the Lord to take it all. My words are to be His words, my actions to be His actions. I want my love to be His love. I dont want to exist today. I dont want the responsibility nor the failure to fall on me. I just want Him.

4 thoughts on “Not in a great mood…

  1. I am really surprised about the clothes thing, I wouldn’t have expected that from Greg. Wal-Mart has some fine clothes. Of course, as you know, I am a big garage sale, thift store shopper and if someone wants to give me hand me downs – I never refuse. If Greg wants to buy him clothes from somewhere else – fine – but where is he getting the money? Anyway, you are so correct – just give it all to God – He’ll take it! Love ya, Karen

  2. Common since says he’s gonna grow out of his clothes fast anyway since he’s a growing boy. So why spend lots of money on his clothes, if every year he’s getting bigger and he’s going to need new ones. Wal-mart makes since to me, and they do have some cute stuff.

  3. oh, I’m all about the goodwill!!
    Sometimes you can find things with the tags still on them.
    America’s thrift store has alot of good stuff, especially for boys. We actually just bought some lamps and a chair there, I love that place!

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