My Own Little Blow-Up Cause I Can’t Believe You Just Said That Post…

I so do not like talking bad about people. I don’t. Really. But I want to simply say one thing: Mothers, do you really need to bad mouth your own kids???

Twitter holds a lot of great useful nothingness and I love it, most of the time. However, there are moments when I’ve read words that have utterly shocked me, especially because they are being typed by mothers.

I know, I shouldn’t judge, but I do…I do! How can you not when you read ladies screaming, “WTF, Kid,” to their own kid?? Not that it’s any better to scream WTF to someone else’s kid, but still, I think it would actually go over a little better with me.

And, I know, I don’t know all the crap these people are going through, and I don’t even know how crazy her/his kid is, but still, don’t you care that the WHOLE WORLD can read what you say? Don’t you have any right to your own privacy, or do you really enjoy airing it all out for us all to see??


I feel dirty enough as it is writing out these words, in regards to yours, and I simply want to hide my face in shame that I even feel ugly towards these mothers.

I can only imagine that your children are blessings to you, and that somewhere along the way you’ve found that it’s ok to be pissed off at them, telling the world about it, but that somewhere, deep inside, I hope and pray you do care for your children. I hope that one day, when they’re grown, you don’t harbor the same resentment towards them that you do now over a messed up nap time or their daily crankiness.

I know I’m not a perfect mother, but you will never see me bad mouth my kids. I may get irritated when I can’t find my own alone time, but I breathe deeply and appreciate the time I have with my kids. Life is so fragile, why waste it being pissed off?

9 thoughts on “My Own Little Blow-Up Cause I Can’t Believe You Just Said That Post…

  1. I see your point… but there are times – with my 8 mo old – that I just get SO frustrated, I need a release. I don’t know that I’ve really said much on twitter, but I know that I have let out my frustrations on there. Better these mothers say it online than to the face of their child, yes? Everyone gets frustrated or loses their patience, especially with a baby that won’t stop crying or biting your nipples… imo, twitter is a great place to release… Of course I adore and love my child with everything I have, but if people judge me, I don’t care. Complaining on twitter is the effect as punching your couch or throwing a pillow…. you know???

  2. Right – I feel the same way as Emily.

    I have a unique perspective raising E, because I have physically buried my dead daughter. I know what it’s like to lie awake at night and think about how you’d trade anything for a sleepless night, to be up pacing the floor, if you could just have your child back.

    That being said, there are still times when I get frustrated with E.
    Even though he’s my whole world, and most of the time I can take that screaming with appreciation- because worse than screaming is literal dead silence- there are times when I’ve just had enough and I need a break. And that is when I tweet “WTF, Kid?!” because it gets my feelings out, and I’m not taking it out on him. I send my tweet, and get back to being a loving mother who knows how lucky I am to be enduring all that screaming.

  3. Yes, I ahve seen posts like that too. I think people need to reinstall the filters between their mouth and brain. If they would put themselves in OUR shoes, reading what they just wrote, they might think twice!

  4. I see no need to filter anything on Twitter for the sake of those reading it, because they CHOOSE to read it by following you. Just like you’d rather have mothers take a deep breath instead of talking bad about their kids, I’d rather have people unfollow my tweets than talk bad about my tweeting. Seems a little hypocritical.

    Just sayin’. =)

  5. “I hope and pray you do care for your children.”

    Are you implying that by my tweeting “ugh M I just wish you would fall asleep. WTF?” or something like it that I don’t actually care for my child?

    Or that Im sitting there screaming in his face to go to bed and tweeting at the same time?

    No. In fact tweeting random things like that every once in a while helps me to vent my frustrations without taking it out on my child. Because every mother gets frustrated and WOW how amazing are you that you NEVER bad mouth your children in any way shape or form.

    I agree with what the previous commenter said. If you don’t like what you’re seeing from tweeters you choose to follow then don’t follow them.

  6. I’m not talking about parents getting frustrated with their kids, I’m talking about tweets that are down right rude and insulting to their own kids. And I totally agree and have stopped following those people.

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