My birthday, My husband

Sean came home yesterday with a small, red bag.
me: whats that for
sean: for your birthday
me: my birthday??! and when is my birthday? 🙂
sean: its in April…
me: thats right, April what? 🙂
sean: you tell me…
me: April 28
So, Sean has a small issues with remember dates, he just cant do it. 🙂 Anyway, his mom told him my birthday was the 8th, which is close, to some degree, so he went out and bought me a present.
The part that’s so amazing is that Sean and I usually dont celebrate our birthdays. However, this year he bought me the most beautiful opal and topaz ear rings. I was very impressed with his choice. And yes, I’m wearing them now and I am stunning in them. 🙂
I am so blessed to have that man as my husband. He has been a God-send with Maddie. God is good, always and forever!

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