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I ran across this article from The Orange County Register: The Mom Blog and just needed to reposted. I could just leave you with a link, but it was so touching, I’d rather repost it here, in its fullness and share in its love. 馃檪

Motherhood is forever, and other lessons to learn
November 19th, 2009, 3:30 pm 路 3 Comments 路 posted by Cindy McNatt

Even though my pregnant daughter is a nurse and has washed, folded, sorted and sterilized all her baby gear and packed her hospital bag for a delivery in late December or early January, and she is very smart and reads incessantly, there are some things she doesn鈥檛 know yet.

About the love:

She doesn鈥檛 know to what depth she will fall in love with baby Bo. Despite stocking me up with a gaggle of grandma gear, I know and she doesn鈥檛 that I won鈥檛 be able to pry that baby out of her hands for months and months. That form of fiercely protective love doesn鈥檛 happen until you鈥檙e a mother.

About the discipline:

She doesn鈥檛 know and I do that despite her claims that Bo will be a well-behaved boy, that when he finally bonks her over the head with a toy dump truck, that she鈥檒l think it鈥檚 the most adorable thing he ever did. Discipline is difficult and motherhood gives new meaning to the old parental adage 鈥渢his will hurt me worse than it will hurt you.鈥

About the devotion:

She doesn鈥檛 know that despite preparing dad for some of the nighttime feedings, baby Bo won鈥檛 burp without her flying out of bed to check. A mother can hear her own baby miles away no matter how sleep deprived she is.

Motherhood is forever:

She doesn鈥檛 know yet that even when your baby is 33 years old, that the fiercely protective love doesn鈥檛 stop, you still think every thing they do is cute, and when they cry you continue to hear it from miles away.

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  1. She said it best. I had NO FREAKING CLUE! And I read everything! Thanks Toni for finding this and sharing it. My little G is 10 months old now and yep, everything he does is adorable! 馃檪

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