Monday Moments with Jeremy

Monday Moments: Hanging Out With My Boy!

This Monday Moments finds me spending some time with my middle son, Jeremy. He’s 7 and he’s all about what he can do. Check out how he can balance, give a foot high five and steal my nose…as well as my heart. And, remember to leave a comment which will enter to you into the Monday Moments Starbuck’s giveaway where you can win 4 Frapps and a $10 Starbucks gift card!

5 thoughts on “Monday Moments: Hanging Out With My Boy!

  1. This makes me happy. 🙂 I love my little boy too. They’re all about their magic tricks and their goofy jokes they can’t remember the punch line to…and they think pratfalls and flatulence are just the absolute FUNNIEST THINGS EVER…and they tell you exactly what they’re thinking ALL the TIME…and hearing them tell you “Mom, you look pretty” is just about like getting a dozen roses…and aren’t they wonderful??

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