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Monday Madness: Getting Back Up

article-0-18C5EC9300000578-153_964x1225I’m trying to be patient with myself, but honestly, I feel a gnawing inside, as if I’m a sculpture trapped inside my block of stone. I’m waiting to reveal myself, waiting for the artist to take up her chisel and hammer and begin breaking away the pieces to reveal the beauty within…

Therefore, the best way to begin is with a plan. Below you’ll see this week’s schedule. I’ll be working with the Run Chattanooga’s Half Marathon Training Schedule, Gold’s Gym Workout Builder, and PiYo.

December 15th – 20th:

5k Treadmill Challenge by Carrots 'N' Cake
5k Treadmill Challenge by Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Monday: 2.5 mile run, strength training (chest, abs)

Tuesday: bike, strength training (back, shoulders)

Wednesday: Speed Intervals

Thursday: bike, strength training (legs, abs)

Friday: elliptical, strength training (chest abs)

Saturday: 4 mile run






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