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Mommy Make Overs

As a Mom of 4 I’ve watched my body grow, shrink, and change over time. So, when the idea of possible cosmetic surgery comes to mind, I turn to , a website packed full of information on surgies ranging from breast augmentation, vision, to gastric bypass. 

My Surgery MD is a site that explains the procedures as well as possible costs. It’s definitely a way to be fully prepared before going under the knife.

What about You? Would You consider cosmetic surgery? Have You already go through a procedure? Share!

I received monetary compensation for this review post. These opinions are 100% honest and authentic.

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One thought on “Mommy Make Overs

  1. I always said when I was done with kids (and breastfeeding) that I would get a boob job. 🙂 I have thought about a nose job, just because I feel like my nose is just too prominent, but it concerns me with working on the face. What if they mess up? Then you’re stuck with a bad nose…

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