Mamavation Monday

Mamavation Monday: Wow, Really? 20 Pounds You Say???

Mamavation Monday
This post is sponsored by Radiantly You and Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway

So, we are pretty much moved into our new home! We’ve been here a week and the living room, play room, and kitchen are pretty much all unpacked and lived in. The bedrooms seem to have several boxes just piled up around them…I’m still questioning whether we need that stuff since after a week I still haven’t pulled anything out of them. 🙂

But anyway, I hoped on a scale the other day and noticed I’ve gained a lovely 20 pounds. Yeah. Really. How in the world can I gain 20 pounds in 3 months? I’d love to blame my thyroid but it’s not. Cortisol? Maybe.

So, this is where I sit, in my lovely home, able to breath now, but carrying even more extra weight. I need help. I did a great walk yesterday, 5.45 miles, and I plan to get back into running Monday, but it’s the food that really get’s me. I’m an emotional eater. I love the way food tastes and how I feel while I’m eating it. 🙂 I love how it crunches. I do not love the way starvation feels. 

I’m trying new smoothies and they are delicious. I just need to get back on track and relax. 🙂 Any suggestions, advice, or simple encouragement is welcome! And, I hope You are enjoying your fitness journey. Share with me!!!

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15 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday: Wow, Really? 20 Pounds You Say???

  1. So glad you’re getting settled! We still have a million boxes in the basement from moving….three years ago? I’m pretty sure I could toss all of that!

    I completely relate about the food. I can’t control myself (snacking, big portions, etc) unless I’m tracking my food. For real. I’ve had to find good snacks that I love lately, and that are quick and easy, and don’t add a bunch of extra calories.

    Isn’t putting on weight a MILLION times easier than losing it? UGH.

  2. Congrats on your new home! So glad that you’re getting settled. I know moving is quite stressful. I’ve moved more times in the past 10 years than I care to think about!

    Greta had a great tip about tracking food – that helps me tremendously as well. Sometimes I don’t even realize what’s going in unless I’m paying close attention to it. Sending hugs! You can do this!

  3. Congrats on moving into the new house. Smoothies are my favorite thing I just like adding lots of fruit throwing in some spinach and either Greek yogurt or some water.

  4. The two things I use to help me (I’m down 16 pounds since Feb) are for community support, and MyFitnesPal for the food part.

    My goals are not aggressive, but those two things together are great!

  5. now that you have moved in and settled it should be easier for you to get into a fitness routine.

    I find the exercise I love the most and a friend to do it with me. They motivate me and I have fun while working out 🙂

  6. Congrats on the new move!! What about tracking your food intake on myfitnesspal? And remember, now that your move is complete, you can start getting back into a schedule 😀

  7. My advice is to stick with it. Decide what you’re going to do and just do it. And stay with us here on mamavation for the extra support, etc. It’s so helpful!

    Happy for your new place and the obvious excitement you have about it!

  8. Moving sure can put a kink on your daily life and goals. I know when we moved I gained at least 5 pounds because I was just eating whatever was easy. Hope you can get back into routine soon.

  9. I have been where you are and it can be frustrating, especially when you find you have a gain and no real explanation. I know it just kind crept on for me and suddenly I was like WTH? It can be especialy hard to lose weight when eating is an emotional experience, but you can still lose weight and eat really well! I found that out during this recent Mamavation campaign I participated in. I was not really feeling deprived at all, and basically had to re-learn how to properly feed my body. It made a huge difference. I no longer have the ridiculous junk food cravings, or urges, or guilt over things I choose to eat. Tracking the food is a huge help though, I use Myfitness pal for that. And if you find meals you like, keep eating them! I have found that eating things repeatively helps me b/c i I like it I’ll eat it! And if it is easy and quick, I’ll be more likely to prepare it than to change my mind and opt for crap instead.

  10. If you like how food feels, crunches, etc. find some “crunchy” healthy snacks!

    I LOVE bell peppers. Red, yellow and orange are my ultimate favorites! Those are sweet and crunchy PLUS they don’t add a ton of calories into your meal!

    Good luck getting settled! I’ve moved a bunch in my life and getting settled is always the toughest part.

  11. It comes back much easier than it comes off. Join Lydsrich and I on twitter @lumpytoleandee to keep motivated and doing what we know we need to do. Just checking in with someone and knowing they are pulling for you makes a ton of difference. The eating is what gets me too. Love to workout but I also love food. Have learned the hard way you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

  12. Advice? One step at a time mixed with patience as you get back in your groove. Congrats on the move and the relaxation afforded now that it is over.

  13. congrats on the new house. YOu are taking a step in the right direction just by stating you need help and you have pin pointed where you need help so thats a plus. Keep pushing and you will get there. Stay positive and motivated and you can do anything you put your mind to.

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