Being A Mamavation Mom

mamavationIn January 2014, I applied and was accepted as a participant into the Mamavation Bootcamp Campaign 18. My life was forever changed. Not only did I get a personal trainer and nutritionist but I also spent 7 weeks learning everything I could about detoxifying my life and family as well as permanent lifestyle changes to not only benefit my waistline but also my mental health and relationships.

Here, you can enjoy my adventures through Bootcamp as well as articles I’ve written for Mamavation Monday and Mamavation Blogging Carnival.

If you’re looking to change your life for the better, check out, and join the movement that is “Changing Lives One Mom At A Time.”

DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant

Do you love coconut? Then you’ve gotta try this! I ended my relationship with regular, chemical-filled deodorant earlier this year during my Mamavation Bootcamp. It was through Mamavation that I learned about chemicals seeping through the skin {which is our largest organ}, wrecking havoc on our bodies and hormones. I had also heard stories of women, battling breast… Read More »

Gut Health, Have You Got It?

When you hear “Gut Health” what do you think? Heartburn? Indigestion? What about that awesome Pepto commercial where the people sang and danced while shouting out words like, “diarrhea” and “upset stomach”. I loved it! I wonder why they stopped running that?? Or, how many times have you felt bloated, gassy, or simply cringe when you… Read More »

Mamavation Slumber Party

Never miss an update by Liking Carrigan’s Joy on Facebook!  Mamavation has brought new meaning to my life. For the first time in a long time I’m back on track with my fitness and nutrition, and let me just say how truly awesome it feels to be back.  One recent gain I’ve experienced is seen… Read More »

An Official #Mamavation Graduate

Never miss an update by Liking Carrigan’s Joy on Facebook!  After finishing my Mamavation 5K yesterday, I have official joined the ranks of the Mamavation Graduates. It was seriously an amazing campaign. Within 7 short weeks I gained enormous information in regards to nutrition and fitness. I now shop differently by reading labels and educating myself… Read More »

Cleaning with Mamavation

Never miss an update by Liking Carrigan’s Joy on Facebook!    I can’t believe we are already to week 4 in our Boot Camp. How is it going you ask? GREAT! I am amazed by how my body is changing and each week I gather new information about how to better my life as well as… Read More »

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