January · Mamatography 2012

Mamatography: January 2012 – I Think We Were Busy

 1.1 Compost
1.2 Jeremy and Maddie making pop corn before the Rose Parade
1.3 Maddie was sick and needed snuggles

1.4 – 38 weeks
1.5 – sleeping
1.6 – playground
1.7 – belly pic

1.8 – a quick visit for false labor
1.9 – Maddie loves coffee
1.10 – smiles
1.11 – hats

1.12 – crafts for Jacob
1.13 – ultrasound pics
1.14 – stickers on the belly
1.15 – fruit smoothie

1.16 – smoothies
1.17 – hugs
1.18 – happy birthday, Jacob!
1.19 – family

1.20 – Daddy, Maddie, and Jacob
1.21 – smiles
1.22 – reading
1.23 – more reading

1.24 – Momma kisses
1.25 – Maddie kisses
1.26 – monkies
1.27 – thinking

1.28 – hair
1.29 – stickers from Maddie
1.30 – cookies
1.31 – under the couch with a Kindle

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5 thoughts on “Mamatography: January 2012 – I Think We Were Busy

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