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Mamatography 2012: Jan. 1 – 3

I am so excited to be a part of Mamtography 2012: Capturing Each Moment . I hope to collect a year’s worth of photos to display here as well as our family photobook. I’m sure it will be a great feat but in the end so rewarding to see all the moments within the year. And, just to let you know, these photos will be one week behind for privacy reasons.

1.1 is our compost pile that will be used in our family garden this Spring.
1.2 is of Jeremy and Maddie popping popcorn before we watch the Rose Parade together.
1.3 is the day Maddie didn’t feel well and needed lost of snuggle time.

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6 thoughts on “Mamatography 2012: Jan. 1 – 3

  1. I really, really need to get some composting done before spring! Thanks for the reminder :0

    And snuggles are ALWAYS the best medicine when a little one is feeling under the weather. Hope all is well by now.

    Thanks for sharing – I look forward to seeing more photos next week.

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