Maddie is a genius!

check out the girl holding on to her bouncy! she has super-human fine-motor skills!!!

and here she is completely relaxed-out in her chair. she looks huge here but she’s not, she’s just big boned or something like that. 🙂


here is a pic of her and daddy… He gives her at least a hundred, thousand kisses a day. seriously. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Maddie is a genius!

  1. Yep, Mellissa, he is all about Maddie. I’m actually being pushed out of the picture a little, but thats ok. 🙂

    To my anonymous friend, I’m a teacher at a pre-school and some of my kids have special needs so we use sign language a good bit in class. It is definitly something that I’ll be using with Madison. Oh, and there is that “Baby Can Read” thats going on right now. I may even look into that around 6 to 9 months. 🙂

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Hey, I got sucked into that Baby Can Read infomercial too! I was really excited to tell the hubby about that one! We plan on signing with G-Man too but I *love* the Baby Can Read program. It’s spendy, but I figure he’s worth it.

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