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My Hubs and I have become addicted. We’ve recently finished season 1 and we’ve already started season 2. I have lots of fav. characters and yet they seem to change almost daily. Shannon recently died. You couldn’t pay me to type in numbers into a B.F. Skinner created computer program. Ha! I love it. Katie should leave. Jack needs to losing up. Lock and Charlie are too cute.  🙂

Ok, enough said of all that. But seriously, anyone else re-watching these yet??? I must admit, this is my first time around, so PLEASE do not spoil the ending for me!

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3 thoughts on “Lost

  1. My husband and I are usually late on the bandwagon for shows, too. We watched Lost last year and got to about Season 3? Then we got sidetracked. I have to rewatch it though because it’s not a show you can leave and pick up where you left off and remember everything, LOL.

  2. One of Josh and mines favs of all time. When the season ended we started rewatching and we are on season 5 rigth now. Love ya, Karen

  3. I just recently started re-watching it. I had never seen any, then right before the last season aired, my husband came across it on Hulu, and watched a few episodes. He told me I HAD to see this. One after the other, I watched and couldn’t get enough. I caught up with him, and then after that, My husband and I would have LOST marathons every weekend until we had seen them all. LOVE LOVE LOVE that Show!!!!!

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