Life is what it is…

I’ve recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It’s a relief actually. I’ve always felt something wasn’t right with my body. After my first child was born I became hypoglycemic which actually is a symptom in itself of a possible thyroid issue.

Yes, I put on weight, but it’s been more than that. My mood: depression, anxiety, anger, detachment, and then moments of joy and laughter. I want a level mood. I want balance, and I think I’m coming close to that.

I’ve decided to refocus my life. I’m not alone per se, but I’m definitely in a more independent state. It’s time I figure out who the hell I am and go with that. It’s time I sit down with my insecurities/fears and figure out ways to deal with them.

I’ve always had a thing about financial security and yet I’ve never spent enough time budgeting out my money to where I feel more at easy with it all. is an awesome site to help set goals and budgets. My accounts were set up 2 years ago and I’m just now starting to use it in a productive way. Way to take my time…

Reading has also become a current obsession. Buddhism. Fiction. What other types of reading is there? Feminism??! Anyway, every night I sit down with a book. I’m currently jumping between: The Alchemist, How To Love, and Making of a Mage. You won’t find that last book out yet, it’s still being written. 🙂

Yoga…it’s a way of life, a way of thinking, moving, existing.

At this moment, today, I feel as if I’m mourning the end of something, of a time when I wasn’t real and lived in fear of being found out. I know that sounds egocentric, but hell, this is my place to unwind so why not be selfish…

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