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Life With My In-Laws Is Crazy!

A conversation I had yesterday with my MIL (mother-in-law):
MIL: *as she’s holding my daughter* So you think you’ll have about 5 more kids?
Me: *as I’m moving around the kitchen* I don’t know. Maybe once I’ve finished school we might have one more. Sean would like one more. 🙂
MIL: Yeah, I think if you have one, you should have another for an even 2.
Me: *I whip around* I have 3 *holding up 3 fingers* kids. *I walk away to hear her laugh and say…*
MIL: Well you could make it an even 4 then.
My husband, her son, and I have been married just shy of two years, while knowing each other for 6 years now, all the while with my other two kids. A few years ago I would have been very upset that my in-laws seem to forget I have other children, but, today, I throw my hands up in the air, sigh, and blog about it with a smile. 🙂
At least I have a baseline to compare crazy to…

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