Life With Blogging

I just recently came out into this world of blogging. I’ve been a blogger for several years now, sharing most of my thoughts and feelings, mainly in private or with some friends and family, but never did I know there was such a huge arena in blogville.

I’ve joined many sites, and I’ve gained a huge amount of new information from browsing different pages, laughing, crying, and shaking my head in complete understanding with some of your words.

At the moment, I’m trying to find exactly where blogging fits into my life, what I want to do with blogging, and what I want it to mean to me. I must admit, I think about what I’ll be writing next more often than I use to or even probably should, but I enjoy writing and I enjoy when people read my words. 🙂 I also LOVE the excitement of giveaways, and was so excited when I did my first, which, by the way, time is running out to enter The Activators CD Giveaway so click here to get your name in!!

See what I mean?? Such fun! Or at least it is to me. 🙂 Every day I come home to see who’s said what, who’s been to my page, it’s kind of like little baby poop presents, but not poop as in poop, just poop as in droplets, which is so gross that I’m imagining this as poop, maybe I should say it’s more along the lines of chocolate drops, which definitely paints a prettier pictures. So, there you have it, you, my readers and your comments, are like little droplets of chocolate that I do so enjoy. 🙂
I’m excited about a little Christmas present that will be under this tree this year…a laptop. 🙂 I will then be sitting in the floor, playing with Maddie, cruising around blogville, saying hi, throwing out some love, and blogging til my little heart’s content. 🙂
So, what is blogging for you? Is it fun? It is a pain? Do you enjoy all the many ideas and thoughts that float around out there, just waiting to be grabbed and devoured? I do and I hope you do, too. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Life With Blogging

  1. I enjoy it, the shared community, the words of encouragement, but it’s a total “extra” in my world as you can see from my absences on my blog. I blog when I have time, and I’d rather devote my attention and time to hubby and baby and the occassional (ok, rare) moments of cleaning my house. There are always at least 4-6 blogs in my head that I want to post; I compose them as I drive to and from work (45 min, each way) and it’s rare that they make it to the blogosphere. But man, they are good in my head!! 🙂 If only I could do voice recognition blogging! That’d rock!

  2. I think it’s little of everything. Some days I love it and some days it stresses me out. But I love getting my thoughts out there and connecting with all the other bloggers.

    Oh, and so exciting about your laptop!

  3. Mellissa,
    It’s good to know there are others out there that actually script out their blog thoughts while driving, I do the same! 🙂

    And yeah, several have never made it to the keyboard, but oh were they good in my head. 🙂

    I agree, I do enjoy connecting with others. and yep, I’m super excited about the laptop, now all I need is a floor chair 🙂

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