3 thoughts on “Laughter is Grand!

  1. i did it. I rode my bike, ended up not adjusting the rear tire good enough so it’s shredded and then I did 40 crunches. My feet ache, my pelvis hurts (the bike seat is sooo tiny!) but it feels good! Thanks for the kick in the butt Toni, I really do appreciate it!

  2. yup, darn tootin cute video!!! I love her laughter!!! Your home, whereever the building ends up being, is already a perfect home filled with love, laughter and happiness. Let that be your focus these next months. The building doesn’t compare to what’s inside. Hugs to you!

  3. Thanks for your insight, Mellissa, on the home. 🙂 I’ll definitly keep that in mind. *hug*

    And, thats great about the work out. I must admit I’m impressed to hear the words, “shredded”. I know nothing about riding so this was probably more frustrating than I’m giving it credit, but it still sounds cool to me. 🙂 And hurray for crunches!

    I’m proud of you, keep it up!!

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